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Elder/ Community Information Session                                 June 10, 2014           5:00pm – 7:00pm

  • Agenda will be available a week before session
  • Supper will be provided

*Evening community information sessions will be held the 2nd week, bi-monthly starting in June*

Outland- First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program – Please see Ec Dev

First Nations Youth Experience Program – Please See Ec Dev

Tree Planting Opportunities

Future Discussion Topics:

  • First Nations Land Management Act
  • Traditional Teaching; Assisting youth (and community) to develop appreciation of the lands and resources and learning stewardship practices

Current Exploration/ Mining Companies

A new mining claim has been recorded in the area between Crab Claw Lake and Gordon Lake. The claim holder is Geofortune Resources Corporation. Under the Mining Act, the claim holder is required to submit an exploration plan or obtain an exploration permit before some kinds of exploration activities can occur that would disturb the land and could adversely affect our community’s existing or asserted treaty or Aboriginal rights. Our First Nation will receive advance notice and will have an opportunity to comment before those kinds of exploration activities can begin. Please contact the Lands and Resources staff for more information about what is happening in the mining sector.

Forestry Update

The Lands and Resources department has been working closely with Domtar in the last year.  The Forest Management Plan – Phase II 2014-2015 has commenced. The Elders in the community worked closely with the Forestland employees of Domtar. Elders identified areas of concerns (AOC) to ensure that specific areas within the forest management plan will not be disturbed during harvest season. The 2014-2015 Annual Work Schedules (AWS) for Harvest Operations & Roads; and Renewal & Maintenance (Tending & Protection)  are now available to see in the department as well as online at http://www.efmp.lrc.gov.on.ca/eFMP/home.do?currentFmu=&language=en

Dryden Forest Management Company will be starting their next 5 year Forest Management planning. Maegan Gardner will be sitting at the planning table with the company. The lands and resources staff will be accompanying Jack Harrison in the next few weeks on fieldwork. 

Plans have started to ensure  the future reforestation north side of the community where past logging activity has occurred

Energy East (Trans Canada) Pipeline Project Update

The Energy East project is a 4,400 km pipeline that will carry between 500,000 and 850,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada with potential international exports in the future. This will include converting an existing natural gas pipeline to an oil transportation pipeline; they will be constructing new pipelines in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Eastern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick to link up with the converted pipeline.

Chief and council have attended presentations from TransCanada in regards to the Energy East project. We have stated that we will be implementing Manitou Aki Inakonigaawin (Resource Law). We are currently in the waiting stage for the official “impacted community” letter from Grand Council Treaty #3. Several letters have been sent to the president of TransCanada as well as the Grand Chief in regards to our stance on the Energy East project. Information is available in the Lands and Resources Department for community members.


Wataykinyep Power Transmission Line

“Wataynikaneyap Power is a partnership between 18 First Nations communities known as the Central Corridor Energy Group (CCEG) and Goldcorp. The company is working to design, permit, construct, own and operate a transmission line to bring additional grid connection to Pickle Lake and beyond, connecting remote First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario.” – Watay Website

As of right now, Bimose Tribal Council is creating a technical team, specific to this project only, on behalf of its Bimose communities. Either Chief and Council and one of the Lands and Resources staff will be attending all Bimose transmission line meetings and updating our community at Lands and Resource meetings.

Watay Power is currently in the first stages of the environmental process at a provincial level. The company is amending their 2nd Terms of Reference for phase one. More information is available in the Lands and Resources department as well as at community meetings.



Important laws and policies in Treaty #3:

Manito Aki Inakonigaawin – The Great Earth Law




Treaty & Aboriginal Rights Research Program Description


Trapping Information



Lands and Resources Accomplishments

Chainsaw Certification

Mechanized Harvesting & Pit/ Road Construction Training

Letter of Agreement with Domtar in regards to AOCs – Please see  Attached

Want to be a Nature Advocate? Check out http://www.ontarionature.org/act/advocates_for_nature.php

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