Policy 8.0:     Allocation of housing

There is a shortage of housing available to Eagle Lake First Nation members.  The following guidelines will ensure fair and equal consideration to all applications for housing assistance.

A Review Committee appointed by Chief and Council will review applications for existing or new community owned housing units based on well-defined criteria and allocation process.

Key Values In Allocation Of First Nation Housing

□       A fair allocation process accessible to all regardless of income, family status, relationship

□       Accommodation for persons with disabilities

□       Well defined Criteria to select priority housing candidates

□       Clear and timely communication with membership

□       Responsibility of members for the care and maintenance of housing

8.1.            Eligibility

8.1.1.                 An Applicant must be 18 years or older and a member of the Eagle Lake First Nation.

8.1.2.                 Housing on the First Nation is intended for the use and benefit of    the membership. This includes immediate family members who are non-members and residing with the member.   Immediate family includes the spouse and/or child of the member and/or non-member spouse.

8.2.            Application

8.2.1.                 Each applicant must complete an approved Application for Housing provided by the Housing Coordinator. 

8.2.2.                 The Housing Committee shall be responsible for developing and maintaining the Application for Housing that serves to collect information needed to fairly assess each applicant.

8.2.3.                 All housing applications will be kept on file for a maximum period of one (1) year.  Applicants are responsible to update their application at the beginning of each annual allocation process.    Applications not updated annually will be considered inactive and will be removed from the file by shredding.

8.2.4.                 Inaccurate or misleading information may disqualify the Applicant from consideration.

8.2.5.                 Applications for existing community housing units will be considered throughout the year as units become available.

8.2.6.                 The Housing Coordinator will offer assistance in completing the Application when requested.

8.2.7.                 Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged in writing and assigned a number by the Housing Coordinator.

8.3.            Housing Priorities and Planning

8.3.1.                 Housing priorities will be established annually by the Housing Department and approved by Chief and Council, based on information generated through the Housing application process and the needs and priorities identified.

8.3.2.                 To ensure a good fit between housing needs and new housing activity, the identification of housing needs will inform the type of housing options needed and introduced annually.  Allocation decisions will inform housing design and construction activity.

8.4.            Selection of Housing Applicants

An 9-step process and selection criteria will be followed to determine the selection of a successful housing candidate for existing or new housing.  All applicants will be notified in writing regarding the results of the selection process.

Numbers will be assigned to each Applicant to protect personal privacy and to bring fairness into the process during the Application Review Stages.

8.5.            Allocation Process

8.5.1.                 The Chief and Council will approve notices to announce an Allocation Process

8.5.2.                 The process for Allocation of housing will take an approximate 4-week period from Notice of the Allocation Process through to Approval and Announcement of the Allocation.  The following timeline will guide the process steps.

  Week  1 Week 2 Week 3 Week  4
Notice and Receipt of Applications        
1. Notice to Membership of Application Process        
2. Written Receipt of Application Form        
Review and Prioritization of Applicants        
3. Review and Evaluation of Applicants by Review Committee          
4. Order of Unit Condition Inspection Reports for Priority Candidates by Review Committee        
5. Consideration of Alternatives and reassessment of Priority Candidates by Review Committee          
6. Review of recommendations of priority candidates by Chief and Council          
7. Interviews with Priority Candidates to convey results, and discuss alternatives where applicable by Review Committee          
Offer of Acceptance and Approval        
8. Conditional Offer of Acceptance to Priority Candidate (s) by Chief and Council        
9. Approval and announcement of Allocation by Chief and Council        


8.6.      Review of Applications

8.6.1.                 The Chief and Council will publicly announce the applicable dates for receiving Applications for Housing.

8.6.1.                 A Review Committee will review active applications and recommend Approval of Allocation to Chief and Council based on approved criteria.

8.6.2.                 The Housing Coordinator will coordinate the Allocation and Review Process. 

8.7.      Record of Results

8.71.                   The Housing Coordinator will keep written records of consideration of applications and the reasons for selecting or rejecting applicants. This information will be made available to the Housing Committee in the event that a decision is appealed.

8.72.                    An Applicant has access to information regarding the results of their Application through the Housing Coordinator.

8.8.      Occupancy Guideline

To prevent against overcrowding conditions, the following guideline will guide decision-making when allocating units:

□       One (1) bedroom for each adult or couple

□       One (1) bedroom for children sixteen (16) years of age or older

□       One (1) bedroom for two (2) children of the same sex up to 16 years of age

□       One (1) bedroom for two (2) children of the opposite sex up to five (5) years of age.

8.9.      Selection Criteria to Guide Decision-making on Allocation of Units

The purpose of the Selection Criteria is to select applicants on the basis of relative merit and in accordance with the community housing plan and the approved housing policy

8.9.1.                 A completed application will include the use of a point-rating guide.  This guide will provide an assessment of the current living conditions, affordability analysis and confirmation of household size.

8.9.2.                 Factors considered in the priority system will be reviewed with the membership on an annual basis to determine their effectiveness in addressing housing needs.

8.10.   Tenancy Agreement

8.10.1.            Occupancy by a member of a community-owned housing unit is subject to an Occupancy Agreement entered into between the member and the First Nation Chief and Council.

8.10.2.            The Chief and Council and the Member(s) will be signatories to the Agreement.

8.10.3.            The terms and conditions of the Occupancy Agreement will be subject to the approval of Chief and Council following consultation with the membership of the First Nation.