Science Workshops

The first series of workshops for the Science Travels program took place in October and November, 2006. Three teams of graduate students with diverse knowledge and expertise delivered an amazing 68 workshops on 17 different topics in high schools and community centres in northern Ontario. For example, one team delivered 23 workshops in three and a half days at five schools in four towns. This is a remarkable number of workshops and all the graduate students who volunteered worked very hard to prepare the workshops and ensure their quality. This success has been maintained with the subsequent series of trips each spring and fall. Details can be found in our newsletters.

The Science Travels volunteers covered a wide range of topics:

  • DNA, forensics and gel electrophoresis
  • climate change
  • pollution and water treatment
  • optical illusions
  • natural selection
  • biological war against cancer
  • HIV and AIDS
  • handwriting analysis and ink chromatography
  • chemistry magic show
  • in vitro fertilization
  • phylogenic classification
  • human impact on ecosystems
  • scientific ethics
  • antifungals
  • global warming
  • earthquakes
  • chromatography
  • biogeography
  • invasive species
  • fluid dynamics and river engineering
  • vertebrate evolution
  • exercise physiology
  • biophysics
  • nanotechnology
  • microbiology
  • science of flight
  • astronomy