MSSB Policy: 29.0 Allowances: University/College Students

MSSB School Policy 2015 29.0 U&P

UP-Application 2016.2017

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The Migisi Sahgaigan School Board is to provide financial assistance to post-secondary students from Eagle Lake First Nation in reaching their goals to obtain a higher level of education.  The Migisi Sahgaigan School Board recognizes the need for members to pursue the skills and qualifications required to be more competitive in the workplace.

Application Procedure:

The student must complete the university/college application package for funding to be granted.

Students taking University/College courses for a length of 2 years or more will have first priority.

Students taking modules or 1 year courses will be considered if there are funds remaining at the end of the fiscal year on March 31st.

All new students are responsible for their university/college application fees.

Priority of Sponsorship:

  1. Continuing Students previously at university/college
  2. High School Graduates
  3. Previous High School Graduates
  4. Mature Students
  5. Students taking Modules or 1yr courses
  6. Students who:

a)    Are on probation

b)    Dropped out of school or have failed to meet requirements.

c)    Previously abused the system

d)    Previously graduated

All students must be approved by the Migisi Sahgaigan School Board.

Students enrolled in educational institutes outside of Canada will be funded in Canadian funds only.  Students will be responsible to pay the difference in currency.

Termination for Sponsorship

The board will terminate sponsorship if a student fails to meet the Declaration requirements.

*There is no appeal process.*

Funding Budget Breakdown:

Eligible students are to receive financial assistance once proper documentation is provided to the Migisi Sahgaigan School Board/Director:

  1. Living allowances will be given to all students who attend full-time at a recognized college or university.
  2. Students attending part-time college or university courses are eligible for tuition & partial book allowance with receipts only.
  3. Students attending module college or university courses are eligible for tuition, books, and a travel allowance of $200.00 for each module.  Student must include receipts for funding. Students may only receive funding if available at the end of the fiscal year of March 31st.
  4. Tuition that exceeds our maximum amount listed below is the responsibility of the student.


University College
Tuition $6,500 Max $5,000 Max
Book Allowance $1,500 $1,000

Living Allowance

Single                                 $1050                        Married student & dependent spouse

Single with 1 child               $1100                        with 1 child                            $1100

Single with 2 children         $1250                        with 2 children                      $1250

Single with 3 children         $1400                        with 3 children                      $1400


Students that are eligible to receive a travel allowance are those who leave their residence and relocate to another city for college or university. Students may not receive travel funding if they live year-round in the city they go to school.  The funding allotments are as follows::

Winnipeg, Thunder Bay                              $200

Further Distance than the above              $300

Travel expenses are given August, December & April.

Withdrawals from College or University Programs:

Students withdrawing from their program may not apply for funding from Migisi Sahgaigan School Board for 3 years.

It is the responsibility of the student to return any funds awarded to them if they retire from university/college and their living allowance.

Program Changes

Successful 1st year students wishing to change their program must meet with the Board before May 31st. Decision will be made on an individual basis.

Post-Graduate Studies

Students that have earned a degree in their field of study may continue with their honours and masters in their field of study.  Students must do this in a continual basis and may not take years off between degrees to be considered. Decisions will be decided by the MSSB for cases of exception.


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