Indian Registry includes:  Registering a birth or death  for Indian Status, Changing your name in the Indian Register, Recording an event (marriage, birth date correction, etc.), Obtaining a Status Card, and answering any of your Registry questions.


If you are looking to obtain your status card, please contact Samantha Pitchenese at the band office (807) 755-5526 to book an appointment with our Indian Registry Administrator.

BAND MEMBERS do not have to pay an administrative fee to obtain your status card, please bring a picture and phone ahead of time.  If you are renewing your card, please bring the old card with you.  Children under 12 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the card on their behalf and all children also must have a picture on their card.  Children between the ages of 12 and 14 have the option of signing their own card or have their parent or guardian sign on their behalf.

NON – BAND MEMBERS must pay a $10.00 administrative fee, must bring two forms of ID (one ID must have a picture and signature, SIN cards are not accepted).  PLEASE phone ahead of time for authorization from your band.  Status cards for Non-Band Members will take longer to make since their band must be contacted.


People wishing to register their children as a Status Indian must come to the office to obtain a Statement of Parents and an Application for Indian Status for Children (Under 18 years).  You need a Long Form Birth Certificate (Statement of Live Birth) if your child was born in Ontario; the original must now be sent to Toronto, then will be sent back to you by registered mail.  Please present the IRA with all the required documents for the registration to be completed.


To learn more about how to obtain a Secure Certificate of Indian Status please visit for more information on the process.


Those wishing to become Eagle Lake band members may do so by submitting a letter to the Band Office stating:  their current contact information, the reason they would like to transfer to Eagle Lake, their current band and band number, and their signature.

Their letter will be reviewed by the IRA and the current Chief and Council.  The Membership Code is now being developed and may be adopted in the near future.