Economic Development

BOOSHOO: This will be the main page for updating the overall events that is occurring within the community. This includes: the Arena, Eagle Lake Contracting, Solar Energy projects, employment and training, strategic planning, department work plans, Chief & Council liaison and member business development.

Employment Programs that are developed, supervised or administered by the EDO are:

  • Right to Play
  • First Nation Youth Experience Program
  • First Nation Natural Resource Youth Employment Program
  • Skills Link
  • Skills Inventory database

Projects currently underway for 2014-15 are:

  • Aboriginal Conservation Program (ACP)
  • Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP)
  • Eagle Lake Contracting business plan
  • Phase II: Community Resource Inventory (partnership with Running Deer Resources)
  • Rejuvenating Committees and Boards utilizing the Community Guidelines: Education Board, Housing Committee, future Ecdev and Health boards.
  • Housing as a Business
  • Developing an on-reserve incubator for business startups and support for entrepreneurs
  • AANDC reporting
  • Relationship building with partners and funders
  • Website administration (
  • Year 3 of Economic Development Plan
  • BR&E project in partnership with the Dryden Chamber, MNDM and DDC
  • Committee/Board member of PACE, NODN and the Kenora Regional EDO network.

Ojibway Paradise Resort is currently an initiative of Leadership.

The Top Priorities for 2013-14 were:

– Establish a community-driven Economic Development Advisory Board

– Under that Board, create an Ojibway Paradise Resort Revitalization Plan and long-term strategy to drive the restoration of the resort and plan a successful and financially-sound future.

– Create a separate legal-entity business Development Corporation

– Support of new and existing economic development projects and businesses

– Increase investment readiness

– Increase engagement with outside partners and organizations

– Incorporate the Keep the Land Sacred Declaration-

Sustainable development is vital to the integrity of Eagle Lake First Nation. Economic Development does not threaten the Land Declaration. In fact, the Land Declaration can function as a guide and a basis for economic decision making in particular for economic initiatives in natural resources.

Download the Northwest Business centre’s BizSource for Entrepreneurs HERE

Contact Devon at the Band Office at 755-5526 or email for more information on Economic Opportunities or to discuss the 2012-16 Economic Strategy