The image of the Migisi [Eagle] flying over the turtle within the Circle of Life, is culturally symbolic and offers itself as a great teaching tool about Migisi Sahgaigan Governance for all ages. It came about when community members were describing how they wanted their Community’s Governance to be. The process itself brought together different ideas and insights into a whole. The following tells how this image speaks to these original participants.

Migisi [Eagle] symbolizes power, and represents strength, honesty courage, and compassion. The Eagle is a messenger from the creator to the people and the people to the creator. It has a keen perception, understanding and self-determination. In flight, the Eagle represents the journey, the journey of life from child to Elder. Revitalizing our Governance is much like this journey. The Eagle feathers are always treated with utmost respect. Looking over Turtle Island the Eagle speaks to the importance of our responsibility to oversee the well being of the People, our Culture and the Land and to protect our environment for the benefit of future generations. The wings of the Eagle provide balance and reach out to show strength and growth as a community by working together on governance, with the People, Culture and Land in mind.

Often, when we are given our Ojibway names, we are given one to represent an animal from the earth and another from the air. The circle of life is a complex symbol and having a full understanding of all the teachings related would take a lifetime. Key to the Circle of Life is balance, harmony, and interconnectedness of all life (Mino Biimiwitiziwin)