Dear Parents & Community Members:

Our Community Thanksgiving Feast will be at the Community Hall to begin @ 11:30 am. Please post on bulletin board for community members to see.

Friday October 10th, 2014
Please check the list below as this is what your child will be bringing.

Ms. Larcher Ms. Adams
Graydon – Shyanne – Raina –
Colby – vegetable salad Lindy – Caesar salad Nevaeh – bean salad McKenna – rice casserole

Ms. Anderson Ms. Bruyere
Carson – buns Mason – casserole Spirit – vegetables
Shay – tossed salad

Colin – rice casserole Emery – potatoes Mackenzie –
Donovan – dessert Rylan – dessert

Mrs. Smith Ms. Pitchenese
Casey – Caesar salad Bailey –
Christine – buns Troy – potatoes
Reece – dessert Samuel – dessert

Please bring your baked/cut up item to the hall.

After clean up all students are dismissed to go home and enjoy their Long Thanksgiving Weekend.

See you on Tuesday, October 14, 2014.


Lori Kavanaugh