Just to update everyone that First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. (Aboriginal Conservation Program) will be calling those who qualified for the program to schedule visits to do an Energy Assessment.  Drew Hill, Director of First Nations CDM Program will begin the energy assessments on Monday October 20, 2014.

Samantha Doolitte is now scheduling appointments this is the number you will see on your phone (289) 684-1442 or (519)445-1660

All participating residences will have Basic Measures installed, which includes replacement of incandescent lights with CFL lights, smart power bars, block heater timers, hot water tank insulation wrap and pipe insulation’s.

Based on the recommendation from the energy auditor, the Extended Measures phase may begin, which includes the retirement, replacement and disposal of working appliances including, refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners and dehumidifiers.  Also included is the installation of low flow shower heads with aerators for bathrooms and kitchens.  For electrically heated homes, programmable thermostats will be installed by a qualified electrician.

Again for electrically heated homes, based on a cost benefits analysis, Weatherization Measures may be installed including draft proofing, upgrades to attic, wall and basement insulation.